RICH STUDENT VS POOR STUDENT! Funny Situations, Awkward Moments & Fun DIY Crafts by Crafty Panda

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    Hey there, smart Pandas! Personal drivers and stylists, designer bags, and caviar for breakfast... Oh, yes, we are talking about the rich students! While the lifestyle of the poor ones is a little bit different! Take a look at these hilarious differences between rich vs. poor students! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more awkward moments & funny situations by Crafty Panda!
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    Cheap Computer Fix
    Taped Cup
    Ruined Tshirt - Cool Tshirt
    Instant Noodle Pizza
    Saving Water
    Poor Kid Jewellery
    Cold Prank
    Avoid Washing Inverse
    Bell Pepper Cup
    Surgical Mask Bow
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      Hey, Student Pandas, 🐼🖐️ What would you do if you had 1 million dollars? 🤔🤑💸 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 P.S. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉:

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